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A powerful encryption software application (cryptography software) which uses various techniques for encrypting and hiding files and text.
You can encrypt: documents with sensitive information (invoices, forms filled in with personal data, business plans, e-mail messages etc.), photographs, even music and movie files, and generally any kind of file that you want to keep away from unwelcome individuals.
The steganography functionality allows you to hide an encrypted message inside an image, then send that image to those people only who you want to read that message.

- various encryption methods - which can be used either individually, or combined - offer you safety against spies of any kind, or at least keeps them busy for months to years while they are trying to decipher the contents of one of your files; if, as it is well known, the monitoring, interception, "loss" and theft of sensitive information is the order of the day and are still being made by all kinds of entities, you can at least make the spies earn their keep.
- you can "sign" files in order to verify their authenticity, if you are not sure in whose hands they have been before you got them.
- you can encrypt a text and then hide it inside an image, where only those people to whom you'll give the image and this program will be able to extract and decrypt it.
- you can encrypt the e-mail messages that you want to reach certain destinations in secrecy.
- you can generate passwords for archival and compression of files with software like WinZIP®.
- if you are an adept of placing some of your (business') important files in the "cloud", you probably need a tool with which to encrypt them prior to handing them over to strangers, so that nobody except their intended users would be able to make sense of their content for a long time, even if they copy them.
- generally, this program helps you out in flipping the bird to spying creeps.


This program has been registered in the National Register of Computer Software in Romania, as per Annex I to the Certificate S5003605 no. 06752.

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